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It can be hard to find the information you need, especially when dealing with a legal battle or a cheating spouse. If you've been wronged and need proof, a private investigator can help.

Bangor Private Investigations, Inc. will work with you to find the truth. Our owner has years of experience in tracking down people, assets and facts. With his help, you can obtain the information you need for your case.

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Work with an experienced private investigator to get the information you need.

You can hire us for:

Covert surveillance
Civil or criminal investigations

Background checks
Information gathering

Asset identification and location

Bangor Private Investigations is here to help you uncover the truth. Speak with us today to schedule a consultation for PI services.

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As a private investigator, our owner has helped countless clients uncover the facts about any situation, whether they're building a custody case or trying to find proof of infidelity. With 20 years of law enforcement experience and nearly two decades working in a correctional facility, he knows how to take on any investigative challenge.

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